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14th August 2016
  • PJW at NHRA Norwalk  - PJW at NHRA Norwalk
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Blue Line

Have Camera - will travel... or so the saying goes. For me that is pretty much how it has turned out.

I am a globally accredited professional photographer and Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) accredited Drone Pilot (RePL). I also hold a CASA Remotely Piloted Aircraft Operator's Certificate (ReOC) and am the Chief Remote Pilot for my business. I am accredited to fly remotely piloted aircraft (drones) up to 25Kg (55lbs) and also have accreditation/approvals to operate a drone at night.

I have been fortunate to have photographed some of the largest and most vibrant sporting events on the planet, including:- The Indianapolis 500, Formula 1, NASCAR (including the Daytona 500 & Brickyard 400), Professional Bull Riders (PBR) World Finals, Special Olympics, Ultra Trail Australia, Whitewater World Championships, a bunch of other NASCAR and IndyCar races, the US Drag Racing Nationals, and a number of other cool events such as Cricket, A-League and W-League soccer, Drift Car racing, various combat sports, and the Spartan obstacle racing series.

PW - 6
PW - 1 - PJW at NASCAR Atlanta Motor Speedway

I grew up in a small country town in the Riverland on the Murray River in South Australia. Had a pet Kangaroo, a dog called Ralph, and a motorbike. Since then I have lived in 13 towns/cities, in 5 different countries, on 3 continents.

I have also managed to get to more than 1,000 towns/cities around the World, in 46 different countries. In order to count it I have to sleep there, or spend the entire day. Just going through the airport doesn't cut it.

I currently live in the spectacular World Heritage listed Blue Mountains north of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia... with air so clean you can smell it, and the only thing I can hear when sitting in our pool with a beer are Kookaburras.

Married to a lovely lady who puts up with me, and have two great kids.

To see it you have to go... and I plan on going - So I Will See You There!

What I Do

Apart from being #1 pool boy, chief lawn mower, and rubbish bin attendant at home, when I get the chance I get into some of the following.

While many of my photographer buddies are primarily into photographing weddings, babies, and studio portraits... I am not. For me my weekends usually involve getting covered in dirt, bull snot and crap (literally), at ground level on a large playing field or racetrack, or flying one of my drones somewhere (either taking photos or doing asset inspections). It is not unusual for me to have to put my gear under a water tap at events (try washing bull snot off... and crap really stinks in case you were wondering).

I am what you would describe as an on-location photographer and aerial remote pilot. Have camera/drone... will travel.


- Sport (professional & amateur)

- Editorial (professional media & corporate)

- Portraits (professional on-location studio kit)

- Property (industrial/commercial/residential)

- Landscapes & Wildlife

- Travel (the off the beaten track kind)


- Photography (anything & everything)

- Videography (anything & everything)

- Asset Inspection (buildings, structures, other)

- Mapping (property orthomosaic maps)

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Boat Racing (1 of 25)
Coal Conveyer - Centennial Coal - Clarence Colliery
Lithgow, NSW
Damage to Tiles
Viaduct Bridge - Farmers Creek Railway Viaduct

Bowenfels, NSW.

Robson Palermo / 2011 / Columbus / Round 1 / Photo by Phillip Wi - Robson Palermo / 2011 / Columbus / Round 1 / Photo by Phillip Wittke
Building - New Xylem office building in Regency Park (Adelaide) in South Australia.
MCFC v Wanderers - 22.11.2019.15
Sports Complex - Melbourne City Football Club / City Football Academy in Melbourne.
Solar Panel
Blue Line

Sure anyone can take a photo, and many are quite good at it... and with the advent and proliferation of more user friendly prosumer cameras and mobile phones it is certainly becoming a much wider reaching vocation, with social media making it even more so.

Then you have the people who have taken it another step, who have actually completed training and achieved qualifications in the profession, and subsequently: (1) know what all the buttons on their camera actually do; (2) don't use the auto or program function (ever); and (3) means that they are eligible for membership to relevant professional industry associations and bodies.

While this by itself certainly does not guarantee that the photographer/drone operator is any good in relative terms, it does however suggest that they (1) have the commitment to get to this point, and (2) have met certain qualification criteria in order to pass their training (ie get a piece of paper), and to be accepted as a professional association member.


So for me, in addition to simply pushing every button on my camera to see what it did, I did study photography (in New York City as it happens), and have completed considerable remotely piloted aircraft (drone) training in various categories.

Subsequently I have been fortunate to have been accepted into a number of industry related associations for both professional photography and drones, both in Australia and Internationally.

While some of these are what you would describe as your typical 'industry association' (every industry has them for the most part), several of them involved quite strict qualification criteria, and their obtainment and accreditation are required to attend certain events (in my case a number of domestic and international sports), or to be able to pilot a Remotely Piloted Aircraft (drone) of a certain size (i.e. large ones), in certain locations and airspace, and in non-standard conditions (i.e. at night).

I have also completed Workcover White Card, First Aid, CPR, Emergency Control, and Fire Warden training, and have a current Police Check and Working with Children Check.

Blue Line

When not taking photos or flying a drone... you will find me here. See You There.

Megalong Valley
Megalong Valley (2 of 2)
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